I had a brief stint in triathlon when was about 14 years after my PE teacher asked me to go along to a new local club. I stuck it out for about 18 months but really didn’t enjoy it! I left to focus on hockey and sixth form, and thought that would be the end of it.

In 2018, I found myself starting a career as a pharmacist in Oxford and facing a dilemma. I couldn’t find a hockey team that I enjoyed as much as the Cardiff Medics and was relying on running to keep fit. A colleague at work, an Ironman athlete herself, introduced me to my now-husband, Dan, who had just qualified for Kona. After 6 months, I decided to move from running for fun to triathlon. I joined OxfordTri and got myself a road bike. Since then, I’ve won the long course worlds, podiumed at an IMWC and I am now learning the race craft by racing amongst the best in the pro field.

I’m still relatively new to the sport of triathlon, but it’s given me so much in the short time that I’ve been doing it and I am passionate about helping others kick start their triathlon journey.